Local Logic - a report by AIRO - Annapolis Investments in Rural Opportunity
A report by AIRO (Annapolis Investments in Rural Opportunity)

Local Logic: How to get there from here
Survey results and recommendations on the economic future of
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, and its surrounding communities

AIRO – Annapolis Investments in Rural Opportunity – is dedicated to “stepping up.” We are a private economic development and investment firm that supports solutions to the challenges of rural growth. And, while we may be tiny, our mission is big – to significantly increase entrepreneurial activity in Annapolis Royal and Annapolis County. We do this by investing in new or existing businesses and offering collaborative support in developing business plans and models, with advice and mentoring along the way. We also support marketing initiatives that further our mission, and partner with local governments on action-oriented economic development plans.

To work wisely, we believed we needed a better understanding of how the people of our community see their opportunities and their challenges.
So, we asked them.

In July and August of 2016, AIRO confidentially interviewed 33 people between the ages of 14 and 80 – a wide cross-section of community members. We also spoke with politicians, economists, and other experts. All told, we spent more than 100 hours in extensive discussions with these folks. We asked them to tell us what they liked – and didn’t like. What they wanted – and what they thought was holding them back. We asked them to dream big and then we wrote it all down. What they gave us was their “local logic”, their vision of our future, their ideas of success – and how we could get there from here.

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The report was originally printed in February 2017. It was reprinted in May 2018 with minor corrections.